Cont Image“…MacSkimming has created paintings that glow with her exhilaration in the creative adventure of weaving together the symbolism of her dreams with the natural elements surrounding her.” Sally Hanson, The Humm

“…It is wonderful to watch the work grow and change. …Beautiful prints!” Brandon Graving, Contemporary Artists Center, North Adams, Massachusetts

“Both her canvases and her monotypes invite interpretation and offer pleasure on many levels. They can be readily appreciated as beautiful celebrations of texture, colour, and form. They can trigger unbidden emotional and psychological responses. They reward systematic and intensive examination with continuing revelation and discovery.” Sally Hanson, The Humm

“We were searching for vibrant works by an area artist, and Suzette’s superb colors and dynamic forms reflect the strategic direction of the (Sprott) School.” Virginia Taylor, Administrative Officer, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Ottawa

“…your painting is bringing much joy to us. This painting is so alive, it practically jumps off the wall…so vibrant and exciting and soothing at the same time.” Diana Bracegirdle, Perth

“…(the artwork) is absolutely magical in this light, the woods hinting at all sorts of secrets just beyond view….There’s a whole world contained in its modest size… lucky am I to have it!” Alexandra Mahabir, Port Hope

“…your work is simply stunning. I was surprised by the beautiful feeling I had when I saw the painting. I imagined you with the canvas and paint, looking at some vista I could imagine…water, yes and trees…lots of trees.” Jean Fournier-Johnson, author, Perth